Book and Pay

Booking and confirmation.

+ We work with you on email or phone call to make the deal. Everything need to confirm clearly before you make the final confirmation and proceed to pay a down payment or full payment for your booking.

+ You should also require the confirmation/invoice from us to make sure we make an agreement.

Secured payment by credit card ( payment gateway)

We use Onepay secure payment gateway ( to process the online payment, you can easily pay by your credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex, JCB…), it’s fast and secured payment method. Here are the procedures:

+ We will create the invoice for your down payment/payment and send you via email (a secured link). You will go through the link to a secure gateway and fill you need to provide some information to verify whether you are owner such as fill your name, your location, your credit card number, and secure CCV. And you also need to verify 3D secure which will be sent by your bank. If you do not verify this 3D secure, your payment will be denied.

+ Successful! You will be sent to our success page if payment is processed successfully. Meanwhile our automatic system will also send you an email to confirm your payment.

+ If your payment is not successful, a Failure page will appear to inform the status. At the same time, you will receive an email from us telling you that payment have been not processed yet. In most cases, your card was denied, you can try again with a new card or contact your card issued bank for further assistance.

Please note: After submitting payment, please do not click many times or refresh the page while it is processing in order to avoid being double charged for this case.